New Map! Lingor Island Has Arrived

by alayton at 10:39pm
Lingor map preview

Lingor Island has arrived at DayZDB! After weeks of requests for it, I've finally finished building a map that lives up to my standards. Everything works just like it does on the Chernarus map we all know: click on markers to see what type of building it is, and what loot is available there, with full loot chance percentages.

You might notice a couple minor usability improvements too. The menus on the navigation bar now appear when you hover your mouse over them instead of needing to click to open them, making it easier to get to where you want to go. Second, the loot search on the map now lets you clear your search when you're done with it, resetting the map to show everything again without forcing you to toggle each type one by one.

As part of the updates to support Lingor Island, the map has been restructured to support multiple types of map images. In other words, look forward to two more maps for Chernarus that include the entire playable area! I don't have an ETA on that yet, but it's coming soon.


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