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By Juststaydead or juicy on 2013/01/19 at 11:42pm

Don't tell people your landing on side chat or they'll be a Ural driving down the runway at you. By the time you notice it's too late to turn of autopilot and pull up.

By RNDChris on 2013/06/14 at 4:17am

Why oh why would you be landing on a runway?! As you can land that plane (almost)anywhere and take off in <100m, that is dumb in and of itself. Land it in a field around where you're going and walk in. Not rocket science.

Edited by RNDChris on 2013/06/14
By droidcommando on 2013/02/17 at 1:41am

you use auto-pilot? I tend not to use it as I have lost a few planes to it. and anyway this plane takes a beating so you can instantly take off again once you land. but yeah keep that no-talk rule on your side (no pun intended) just to be safe

By Maxthe222 on 2013/06/08 at 12:23am

It's all fun and games until you have to land a plane carrying all your guns with a welcoming party at NW.

By AlexFight on 2013/05/15 at 2:49pm

The best way to land safely - to TURN OFF engine in air. You will decrease your speed quicker and more predictable.

By Griffin on 2013/05/02 at 11:22am

the an-2 have just one spawn ? At the nw airfield ? Its a good plane


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